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Concrete Patios

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Are you looking to extend your living space? A concrete patio is an affordable solution to create the perfect space to relax, entertain, or eat. Our experts will work hand in hand with you to tackle your concrete patio ideas. We provide design assistance, material selection, and installation services, all under one roof!

At CTi Nashville, we bring over four decades of experience in the construction and concrete industry to the table to build exceptional concrete patios in Nashville, TN. Call us today for free estimates.
Concrete Patios Contractor in Nashville, TN

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Concrete Patio

Some people overlook concrete when looking for the best material for their outdoor space. But concrete patios offer plenty of options beyond boring gray. We can stain or stamp your backyard concrete patio and coordinate with the style of your home or business perfectly. We can even use techniques that mimic the look of bricks, pavers, or cobblestones.

Durable & Lasting Stamped Concrete Patio

Make your backyard walkways stand out with stamped concrete. With our concrete patios in Nashville, TN, We offer an array of patterns, colors, and designs that will elevate your outdoor space. Our skilled artisans can design any stamped concrete patio and even stained concrete driveways. Our innovative methods will blend perfectly with existing brick, tile, and stone surfaces for a cohesive look at a fraction of the cost.

Custom Concrete Patio Designs & Finishes

With the versatility and affordability of concrete, the possibilities are endless. Don’t settle for a plain concrete patio. Add some style and personality to your outdoor space with the help of the most trusted Nashville patio builders.

Enjoy summers on a textured or stamped concrete patio. Choose a classic earth tone and enhance it with a glossy seal or stain, or go for various colored concrete tiles for a colorful statement. Our expert concrete contractors have the tools and experience to offer custom concrete finishes and designs of all types.

Want an eye-catching extension for your home? Call us today to get a free estimate on our concrete patio services!

Affordable Concrete Patio Installation Cost in Nashville, Tennessee

At CTi Nashville, we’re focused on delivering the highest quality service to our clients. We’ll stop at nothing to surpass your expectations. Our team has worked on countless concrete patios in the Nashville area over the years, and we are proud of our reputation in the concrete industry. If you’re searching concrete patios near me, hoping to find a company offering excellent service and a people-friendly approach, look no further. You can trust us to go above and beyond.

Nashville's Concrete Patio FAQs

Concrete is, by far, one of the best building materials for concrete patios in Nashville, TN. It is smooth and easy to maintain, yet so versatile our contractors can cast and form it into pretty much any shape, form, and size.

Overall, a concrete patio costs less to install compared to a wood deck. When it comes to maintenance requirements for wood decking, Nashville concrete patios are a cheaper option. The wooden deck would require power washing annually, which often involves the help of a professional. On the other hand, patios can be cleaned easily with a hose and need minimal ongoing maintenance.

A concrete patio may not last as long as a paver patio, but it will still last for decades with proper installation and maintenance. Ground shifting or aggressive tree root growth can cause cracks, but otherwise, concrete patios often last between 30 and 50 years.

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When it comes to concrete patios, nobody does it better than CTi Nashville.

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