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Concrete Resurfacing

The #1 Concrete Resurfacing Contractor in Nashville, TN

While concrete is generally quite durable, it can still suffer wear and tear over time and begin to crack, break, or discolor. Replacing your concrete was once the only solution. However, these days, there's a better option.

When your dinged and chemically eroded concrete feels like it's time for a fresh start, there is no need to tear out what you have! CTi Nashville will breathe new life into your indoor and outdoor surfaces with concrete resurfacing. We can rejuvenate your patio, driveway, walkway, sidewalk, pool deck, garage floor, and more quickly and affordably. Call us for quality concrete resurfacing in Nashville, TN, today.
Concrete Resurfacing Contractor in Nashville, TN

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Near You

Do you have concrete surfaces around your home that could use a makeover? Take care of it fast, easy, and once-and-for-all with CTi Nashville’s concrete resurfacing services. Professional concrete resurfacing will not only protect the concrete from future damage but also give it new life. 

Concrete resurfacing involves applying a new surface of concrete over the current slab. Instead of completely removing the existing concrete and pouring a new one, concrete resurfacing provides a more efficient way of rejuvenating and renewing your old and damaged concrete surfaces.

There’s no need for our contractors to demolish the old slab before getting to work. They bond the new, commercial-grade materials to the existing concrete. This will ensure the restored surface meets your quality and durability expectations.

Resurface Your Concrete Floors with Overlays & Coatings

Regardless of how well you installed the concrete, it will eventually develop cracks, turning your floor into an eyesore. You can make your concrete look brand new by utilizing coatings, concrete overlays, and resurfacing.

First, our concrete resurfacing Nashville builders will clean and repair the concrete, creating the perfect surface to apply the overlay or coating. We then make a mixture of cement-based overlay and a bonding agent and pour it over the existing concrete, creating a smooth finish.

We finish the process by adding a safe, slip-resistant texture and curing it for a few days. Depending on your preferences, we can even provide you with decorative resurfacing options. Our goal is to add stunning colors, textures, and patterns to your concrete.

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Affordable Concrete Resurfacing Cost in Nashville, Tennessee

Look no further than CTi Nashville if you are looking for reputable concrete resurfacing contractors in Nashville, TN. Our experienced concrete specialists are the best in town. Here are just a few reasons we are the number one choice for property owners in need of concrete resurfacing in Nashville, TN and surrounding areas:

  • Licensed and insured
  • Specialized experience and advanced tools
  • Affordable services and produces
  • Custom high-quality concrete solutions
  • 5-star customer service

Nashville's Resurface Concrete FAQs

Though concrete resurfacing is more affordable than replacement, the exact cost will depend on some factors. This includes the patterns you choose and the condition of your existing concrete. Feel free to contact us for a quote if you need a price estimate.

Yes! Our friendly concrete contractors can resurface existing concrete. We can apply a concrete coat mixed with a bonding agent over the existing surface to achieve various color, pattern, and texture options.

Though our concrete resurfacing Nashville contractors will do everything possible to eliminate cracks, the resurfacer can crack. The good news is that most of these cracks are hairlines and will be mostly unnoticeable.

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