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What Finishes Can You Get for Your Concrete Patio?

Adding a concrete patio to your home will give your outdoor space an aesthetically pleasing and useful architectural element. The best part about it is that there are various ways you can finish the look of your patio, including colored, stamped, stained, stenciled, and engraved concrete.

Let CTi Nashville transform your outdoor space into an elegant walkway. Whatever kind of concrete finish you want for your patio, our team will work with you to determine which finish will look best for your home. From design assistance to installation services, you can trust that we’ll deliver durable and lost-lasting concrete patio services to your home. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.

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To learn how CTi Nashville can elevate the look of your outdoor space, here are some of the best finishes you can choose for your patio:

Stamped Concrete

A classic yet striking finish for your patio is stamped concrete. What’s great about this concrete patio finish is that it gives you an affordable way to achieve the look of natural stones, woods, ashlar slates, bricks, and other fancy patterns. Since it can mimic different types of materials, you’ll be able to enhance the look of your outdoor spaces and make them unique without spending too much.

Stained Concrete

You can opt for a stained concrete finish for your patio if you want a fade-resistant finish. Stains permeate the surface in stained concrete, so flaking or peeling off is impossible. This makes it a cost-effective option as it can retain its appearance even when exposed to various elements.

Stenciled Concrete

An impressive alternative to stamped concrete finishes is stenciled concrete. The good thing about this finish is that it is easy to do. Your contractor will have little to no difficulty finishing your patio, ensuring that mistakes will not happen. It also offers the similar design flexibility that stamped concrete offers. This allows you to choose your preferred pattern, including design options that mimic stones, woods, and more.

Engraved Concrete

This finishing option is used for existing patios. It’s a permanent treatment that allows you to transform your old patio into a more interesting home element. You can avail this if you have a patio at your home and want to update its finish to enhance the look of your outdoor space. Engraved concrete allows you to create any design on your concrete patio. You can even engrave things like monograms!

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